Decos and WebQuarters organizing IFS Collaboration Night

Decos and WebQuarters are coming together to organize Collaboration Night for the IFS customers and leaders in Sri Lanka on 5th April 2019. During this event, the customers would get to see the demo of the innovative solutions developed by Decos that would extend the capability of IFS to a newer height.

The research papers by Dehaghani, & Hajrahimi, and Lagerström have highlighted that the cost of business process automation is inversely proportional to the knowledge of the subject matter experts (SMEs). Decos and WebQuarters would work closely to improve the knowledge of SMEs. As a first step, the experts from both the IFS Partner Network organizations would spend four days together to exchange best practices and understand the intricacies of Decos’ products and innovative solutions.

Decos has the profound experience of over 30 years in the field of digitization since its foundation in The Netherlands. Having worked on 500 projects, Decos has learned that many organizations have unstructured business processes which need automation to achieve 100% digitization.

“We are trying to bridge the gap between organizations’ existing ERP and their digitization goals and such collaborations are essential to help analyze the challenges in the market”, said Nitin Akhaury, Managing Director, Decos.

WebQuarters and Decos working together for such an event will give IFS Partner Network and customers a platform to engage, collaborate, exchange business information and share the knowledge. “We are excited about the event, it is an excellent opportunity for us to learn the challenges that enterprises are facing directly by interacting in person with them. This will give us great insights about future requirements or the gaps in the existing system. This will surely pave a path for innovation”, said Mitesh Kadvani, General Manager-Products, Decos.

Decos is helping enterprises which are aiming for digitization in their business processes and big plans toward the paperless business environments with the positive planetary impact. Decos is also planning for expanding its network to promote the concept of 100% digitization.

Event Details:

5th April 2019 -7 PM Onwards,
At Crystal Ballroom,
Taj Samudra Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka
For more Information connect to:

Nitin Akhaury
Managing Director, Decos

Mitesh Kadvani
General Manager-Products, Decos

About Decos

Decos Technology Group, founded in 1987 by Paul Veger, CEO, is a multinational company headquartered in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. With offices in Europe, North America and Asia, Decos Technology Group is a company driven to deliver high-technology products, services, and solutions to its customers.

The company is a leading provider of sustainable digitization solutions. experience in developing complex applications for enterprise customers. Decos has vast expertise in the development & maintenance of business-critical systems. The company has delivered end-to-end software solutions for its customers across IT and non-IT sectors, such as healthcare, retail, finance, insurance, and ISVs.